Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Action

Here is a picture of the photobooth in action caught by photographer Brian Noppe at the "Guys night out" at the Players Chophouse last Thursday night.
Angela was there ensuring the guys had a great time in the photo booth!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This has been a great week. We have met some fabulous wedding couples!
The kind of couples who chose to have a photo booth at their wedding are usually creative, funny, and we love getting to know them!
We have also been very flattered as so many clients have been saying nice things about us on blogs and forums. Thank you to everyone who recommends us to their friends. It is a so cool for us to feel like we have a fan base!
Check out some of the testimonials that have been popping up online...

"My fiance and I really wanted to have a photo booth at our reception when we first started planning early last year, but they were hard to come by and we just couldn't justify the cost in our budget. But now after finding out about PhotoBooth Vancouver's great services and rates and their AMAZING customer service... we are now sold on the idea!"

"There was ALWAYS a line up. From teens to seniors, EVERYONE had a blast using it!"

"The customer service of this company is outstanding, I couldn't be more excited."

"LOVE. Love. loved it. it was SUCH a hit, Angela is SO professional, so awesome, couldn't have asked for more! $300/hr is DEFINITELY worth it for the impact it made on the whole wedding, everyone was buzzing about it and they're STILL buzzing about it..when I get the chance I'll try to scan in some of the pictures they turned out PHENOMENAL..I had black and white and we had a black background, everyone turned out SO nice and clear, it was awesome awesome awesome! PLUUUUUS she lets you add whatever you want to the bottom little tab, so clearly..haha we added our monogram!! it was awesome and tied in with everything else that we had going on!

I LOOOOOVE the pictures we took together and everyone else loved it to!! And honestly compared to the one other company that had quoted me $1500 to come out and a lot of other crazy stipulations this was a BREEZE and so worth the money!"

I am seriously blushing, thank you for all the very sweet compliments!