Friday, March 26, 2010

Virgin Radio-Wedding Crashers!

At Photobooth Vancouver we have been to hundreds of unique and amazing weddings, but today's wedding may take the cake!
We will be at Melissa and Jeff's wedding hosted by Virgin Radio 95.3!
This brave couple has handed over all the details to the station and the listeners.
If you have been listening to the radio this month you have heard how outrageous this wedding is going to be!
This morning their ceremony was held in a bowling alley with the bride in a scuba suit, and the groom in a chicken suit.
Needless to say this party is going to be insane! It's not all bad though, they will have our photobooth at the reception and they will dance to a live performance by the Barenaked Ladies! Stay tuned to Virgin 95.3 to hear all the crazy details!