Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black and White Professional Photography Studio

Guest photography has been our passion since the beginning, whether through traditional photobooths, open air photobooths, or photography studios. Our goal is that every guest leaves with a print they can hold and remember the amazing time that they had, and that the host will get to share in the memories of every guest in attendance. 
Our studios have been increasing in popularity and we can see why. 
While our photobooths offer a spontanious and nostalgic experience of crowding together with your friends, our studios WOW your guests and take a photograph that they will treasure. We always hear "I have never looked better", and "This is my favorite picture of myself". Our professional lighting set up and friendly photographer makes each guest look their best.
These pictures are from a recent wedding a the Penthouse at the Loden Hotel. It was one of our favorite weddings EVER. The guests had a blast in our studio and we ran a guestbook with 4x6 copies of each picture. Their awesome photographer was Hayley Rae Photography.