Friday, April 16, 2010

Mustaches make great photo booth props!

We LOVE it when props are incorporated into the photobooth experience. We always encourage our clients to get creative when picking out props for their guests.
Random costume supplies are always fun, but we especially love it when there is a theme to the props.
Some of our personal favorites have been mustaches. There are some local costume shops that you can buy one time use mustaches that stick on to your face. (see picture above, yep that's us on the right)

We have also found some awesome online sources where you can get some higher quality mustaches that can be used by guests throughout the night.

One source on Etsy is Whiskerworks. These are some of the highest quality mustaches-on-a-stick that I have seen. Made of hard plastic, I would recommend them for being able to last a night with your rowdy guests.

There are also very cute paper ones available through

Or you can get creative and make your own, courtesy of this tutorial from The Wedding Chicks.
(no guarantee they will survive a night of guests goofing around). Hope this inspires you!

By far my favorite idea is from local artisan Sam Made, she can make chocolate mustaches on sticks! Send her an email through her blog for details.