Friday, May 21, 2010

Grad 2000 is still going strong! It's reunion time!

High school reunions are so fun! It's always a little awkward at the start as everyone gets reacquainted, but nothing breaks the ice, and brings back the memories like a photobooth! Old friends hop in the photobooth together and it's like no time has passed, they are taken back to high school.
Recently we went over to Naniamo on Vancouver Island to help Dover Bay Secondary celebrate the ten year reunion of class of 2000. The photobooth perfectly captured the reuniting of old friends!

As you can see from their logo, finding corporate sponsorship is a great way to have a free photobooth at your event! The sponsor loves the branding they get on every picture, and the party loves all the free pictures!
One of their sponsors was they do short films for corporate clients. Check them out to take advantage of their film making skills.